The Hedgehog Poetry Press

I am very proud to have Hedgehog Poetry Press as the publishers of my debut Chapbook,, ‘Under A Mind’s Staircase’. This wonderful press has a motto ‘There is a Madness in our Method’. They certainly have helped me find my way in creating my chapbook. The Hedgehog Poetry Press launched in October 2017. Their firstContinue reading “The Hedgehog Poetry Press”

Why write a Poetry Collection?

A friend asked me why did you write this collection, what is it about and what would you like the reader to take away after they turn the last page and find that perfectly prized place for it on their bookshelf? Firstly before I answer that, I decided to get back into writing again inContinue reading “Why write a Poetry Collection?”

Dropped the Moon

I was so happy to get to speak with Joe Cushnan, who runs the ‘Dropped the Moon’ website. A blog of words, wandering thoughts, supportive posts applauding work by creative people and sprinklings of life’s bric-a-brac. He is AVAILABLE FOR FREELANCE WRITING COMMISSIONS! Just to let you that is. Why not contact is youContinue reading “Dropped the Moon”

Splendid Isolation of Different

One day the shepherdtended to his flock,up in the highest mountain.But away from all the others,was a solitary sheep—It was different from all the others.It wouldn’t answer to theshepherd’s call to return from the mountain.‘It must see something I can’t see’—mused the shepherd.So he left his flock.Happily grazing away on the sparse grassin the foothillsContinue reading “Splendid Isolation of Different”

The Critic

The Critic Expansive dreams grow wild:words are drowned in verbosity. (Firing up the appetency for acceptance.) I cast a dream catcher for thosespecial words with an iridescence angle. Critics with their parochial musings,Have: your fractiousness asDistasteful, with their laconic smirks. What do they know,What do they know. by Robin McNamara © 2020