Halloween Fear

HALLOWEEN FEAR Demons howl and banshees screechAs the dead are alive again.Little children with their sugar rushSaying, “trick or treat?”Michael Myers knocks on your doorIt’s not really him is it? Maybe..Twilight moon illuminatesdecaying trees with branchesPointing skywards accusinglyTowards the night time skies,Full of witches on broomsticks.The fear is near as a man quite grimBegins toContinue reading “Halloween Fear”

Twenty-Seven Months

TWENTY-SEVEN MONTHS Twenty sevenmonths agoIn a bottled landof awakeningdread Laid my soullike deadgarden leaves. The vicissitudes of this coatI woreon daysstagnated with the sweatof toilon roads ofrocks. An unforgivingSaharan desertin the house of I No prophet, nor no scholarcouldWater the unknownsands,its fine grainsslippingthrough myhands As footprintsembeddedthis nomad Place,thousands othershad come before,malnourished the vultureshad pickedthe bones of theirdiscontent in thisDesertofContinue reading “Twenty-Seven Months”

The Homeless Guy

THE HOMELESS GUY The shutters pulled downhe made his bedcardboard first thenthe sleeping bagSaturday afternoonshe’s ignored bythe group of kidsoutside McDonald’sby the couplewith groceriesall totally obliviousto the guyIn the shop entrancehood up and head bowedpaper cup in hand. Soon it starts to rainbut he never movesthe occasionalclink of coinsInto the cupIs greeted with anacknowledged nodothersContinue reading “The Homeless Guy”


WORKING MAN POET The call of the pen,Made me the man,I wrote to be. My working hours,And my daily week,Same, day by day. My rested evenings,And my fertile thoughts,Pen in hand. Come the weekend,That freed the pen,That poem was born. From frustration of life,The battles fought,The bitter man’s sigh. Lost again to the morning,Of anotherContinue reading “WORKING MAN POET”