Afflatus The cryptic mindIn the mazeIn the labyrinthOf lavender scented pines. A kaleidoscope of coloursBut in shades of grey. The blind man seesWhat the deaf man hears. By the rounded squareIn a hexagon shaped pearUnder the winter treesFilled with blooming life. The passion fruitWith a hint of limeDangled on cherry lips.I eyed the skies above.Continue reading “Afflatus”

God’s Waiting Room.

God’s Waiting Room. As he sat in God’s waiting roomAnd cast his mind back to the pastWhen he’d thrown a disenchanted glance at the moonAnd wrote about a love that didn’t lastThe folly of the path he tookWas lost in irony a bitter sighThe words carved from mind they mistookAnd threw a jaundiced eyeOver toiledContinue reading “God’s Waiting Room.”

The Fisherman

The Fisherman The sea swelled and splashedAgainst the hull of the boatWith its green net mountainDisappearing into foaming waters The fisherman’s hope and securityAn old sea dog saltedAnd weather beaten from aLifetimes toil upon the waters Times of hardships furrowed upon the browHis story told by scarred handsHe respects the seaWhich has taken many aContinue reading “The Fisherman”